SWV Verzuz Xscape: The Match We've All Been Waiting For

SWV Verzuz Xscape: The Match We've All Been Waiting For

As we approach one of the most anticipated Verzuz battles to date, let’s take a trip down memory lane. SWV and Xscape have been blessing us with hits since the early 90s. The ladies both came strong with their debut albums and we have been riding out ever since. It’s no secret that each group has amazing vocals to match. Coko’s range and runs are top tier, LaTocha’s voice packs a powerful punch, and Kandi’s svelte octaves just give me chills. In all honesty, the audience will be the clear winners because these timeless hits are all that we need. Sure there will be some people keeping score, but the majority of us will be sitting back simply enjoying the music. Speaking of, let’s break down a few of each group’s hit songs.


Just Kickin it
The debut single from the group had everyone bumping this in their cars. The Jermaine Dupri and M 2 Da T 2 Da M produced song was laid back with a catchy hook to match. It spoke about being a woman who a homie, lover, and friend wrapped into one. Let me break out my denim vest and tall white tee.

Who Can I Run To
This amazing cover was crafted beautifully by the ladies. Dare I say, I prefer this version over the original The Jones Girls one. This song showcases each member’s vocally abilities while remaining true to the ladies’ essence. We all need that person we can run to.

My Little Secret
Jermaine Dupri hits again with this song. Off the group’s third album, My Little Secret tells the story of a woman creeping with someone else’s man. Let me tell you all lyrics aside, I have never heard of a greater side-chick anthem. Oh and that note on the bridge? My throat vocals called and said don’t even try it.


This is one of my favorite SWV tracks to date. The original was great, but that Ol Skool Remix feat. Wu-Tang Clan is where my heart lies. C’mon, you’ve got U-God, ODB, and Method Man on a track? Not to mention Coko’s insane vocals on the bridge. This was a certified hit and remains in heavy rotation on my playlist.

If there’s a girl group ballad that summarizes 90’s R&B, this is the one. I don’t care where you are, when this song drops you automatically start clearing your throat and belting your heart out. There is something about this song that gets you in your feelings. Written and produced by Brian Alexander Morgan, this ballad will have you wanting, reminiscing, and craving that special one.

Right Here (Human Nature)
SWV has had some banging remixes and Right Here (Human Nature) is no exception. Mix Michael Jackson’s Human Nature, Pharell Williams, Brian Alexander Morgan, with a dash of Teddy Riley, and you’ve got yourself a hit. Top it off with the ladies’ mesmerizing vocals and you have a song that has stood the test of time. Some love it for the throwback feel, others love it for the group’s ability to infuse R&B with hip hop. I love it because it just feels good at the end of the day. Either way, we all win.

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